Winter Muse


Winter in the South is always interesting.  It isn’t unusual to have a week where it is in the 60’s one day, and below freezing the next.  This gives me days to get outside and get inspired, as well as time to snuggle into the music room or studio.

Variable weather means that in late Jan. and early Feb. there are signs of spring everywhere. Paperwhites are blooming, and daffodils are forming buds.  Every year there are the naysayers who say there will be no flowers in spring as they watch the buds freeze, but we always have lots of flowers come March or April. Mother Nature knows what she’s doing. 

This type of winter works well for me.  On  pretty days I head for the woods trail, camera and notepad in hand.  Photos provide inspiration for my art, and sometimes, If I’m lucky, a tune begins to form in my mind as I walk along.

I don’t know exactly what a Muse is, but I know I have one. My songs are not my songs; rather, they are handed to me as a gift.  It’s my job to hurry up and get them written down before they go elsewhere.  Sometimes that means stopping whatever I’m doing, as ideas often come while I’m weeding the herb garden, folding clothes, or cooking dinner!

So, yes, I’ll take winter as it comes, and look forward to another beautiful spring. I hope you are staying warm, pursuing your dreams, and getting ready to welcome warm weather!